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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Shopping: Christmas Gift Ideas For Him & For Her (ft. Shopbop & Eastdane)

I love shopping. And now that Christmas is around the corner, it just means that there is more reason to shop for gifts for myself and my loved ones! There are sooo many sales around, it can be hard to decide where to go and what to get.

So, I have compiled some items that I love from Shopbop which I think will be perfect as gifts for Christmas! This post is also pretty special to me because I got my boyfriend to help me with the For Him gifts, to find out what gifts a guy would like from a guy's perspectivefrom Eastdane. Be sure to read until the end because there is a BIG EVENT that I'd like to let you know!

1. alice + olivia : Rhinestone Panda Sweater
3. alice + olivia: Present Box Bag
4. Gift Boutique : Three Level Jewelery Box
5. Books with Style : Cupcakes & Cashmere

The most practical thing for winter is a warm sweater. I chose this panda sweater because, hello? Adorbs much? I imagine that it's the perfect outfit to snuggle in by the fire this Christmas.  I also chose this bag shaped like a present from alice + olivia too, which I'm sure no girl will be able to resist! You can also never go wrong with jewellery. Pearl is elegant and perfect for the holiday seasons. Store it in the three-tier jewelery box when you're not wearing it and this acts as a decoration for your room too! Lastly, books are the perfect gift for the girls who are into more practical things. Book with Style also carries many other style and fashion books, surprise your loved ones with a book that they'll love!

1. Native Youth : Contrast Sleeve Pullover
2. Fjallraven : Kanken Backpack
4. Tsovet : SVT-CN38 38MM Watch
5. Master & Dynamic : MH40 Over Ear Headphone

I just realised that my gift selections are more black & white while my bf's choices are so RED, it just screams festive cheer. Again, sweaters are great and practical gifts for both guys and girls. A woolen sweater or pullover is not only stylish but super comfy as well. We've both also had our eye on Fjallraven backpacks and this red Kanken backpack is good for school or outdoor use! If you're looking for something for the working men, why not get a belt? They will have to use a belt daily anyway! Or perhaps a watch? Seeing as watches are basically the only kind of accessory most men wear, I suggest a leather one to suit both formal and casual events. Lastly, for the music lovers out there, get them a pair of good headphones to blast the music from!

Let me know if you liked our picks and which is your favourite item so far? If you have anymore suggestions on what to get someone for Christmas, feel free to leave a comment below! 

Thank you for reading till the end! And now, to reward you for being patient..... The reveal of THE BIG EVENT!!

A SALE! This will be Shopbop's BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR because It will last for an ENTIRE WEEK from 25th November to 1st December 2014, 11.59pm, Pacific Time. I couldn't have posted this at a much better time because the sale starts.. NOW! This sale applies for East Dane as well, guys! There is NO brand exclusion and the more you purchase, the more you save! Get your friends, combine your resources and take advantage of this sale now! 

For every $250 spent, you'll get 15% off.
For every $500 spent, you'll get 20% off.
For every $1000 spend, you can save up to 25%!!

Get your promo coupon codes here! 

What are you waiting for? Go BIG or go home. Start your Christmas shopping now!


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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Travel: Dream Trip to Macau!

Macau (known as "Ao Men" in Chinese) is a famous tourist city, frequented by many Chinese. To me, it is really a place worth visiting because the cultures are very similar to our own and in terms of currency, it is an affordable place with a not-to-be-missed view too! With casinos, awesome food, beautiful heritage sites and exciting activities, what's there to be missed? Macau is also easily accessible by AirAsia (book early for cheaper flights!) and is a really good alternative if you're going overseas for the first time.

I was fortunate enough to travel there with my entire extended family back in 2008. We rented a bus and toured Hong Kong & Macau for a week. It was the first time we travelled overseas together as a family. Thanks to Nuffnang, this is a good chance for me to reminisce and write this post that is literally, a Blast from the Past. And because I prefer to use my own photos instead of those off the Net, get ready for loads of embarrasing photos from those days... .XD

Here are some things that you MUST see and do in Macau! It's also consists of the places that I'd like to visit again, seeing as I was too young back then to remember most of the things we did... :x

1) Macau Tower

Macau Tower is 338 metres high and has an observatory deck. You've never truly visited Macau until you come here! Visitors will be able to enjoy a panaromic view of beautiful Macau from the observatory deck. What's more, the place has restaurants, theatres, shopping lots and even a place for you to bungee jump! I remember dining at the top and getting the shock of my life when someone dived down from above. One of my most intriguing dining experiences, indeed!

I'd love to go back there again. This time, I'm finally legal and brave enough to take on the challenge.. I'd love to try out bungee jumping for myself! It'll be one of the the things to check off my bucket list. If all else fails, I'm pretty sure I'll still be brave enough to try out the SkyWalk and walk around the rim of the tower :p

2) St Paul's Ruins

With the whole family. We were so much younger back then, oh gosh!

Chubby me. I guess this answers the question of when was the last time I had short hair..

Another MUST-SEE landmarks in Macau will be the Ruins of St Paul. Not only is Macau famous for the city lights, many of their tourist sites are also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and St Paul's Ruins is one of it. I remember the tour guide telling us the story of how the church came about and how an unfortunate fired caused only the doorway to be left standing now. Many archives, religious relics and engravings are found beyond these steps and walls, including some remains of St Paul. The ruins is also somewhat connected to St Paul's Church in Malacca, which makes the story much more relatable for me, back in the day when I still took History lessons in high school hehe.

You know what would be really cool? If we could recreate the family photo that we took right at this spot outside St Paul's Ruins. This is also one of the reasons why going back to Macau would be awesome - it would bring the family closer and help me to find back those fond memories :)

3) St. Augustine's Church

Also another UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Augustine Church is one of the churches that draws thousands of devotees, especially from Macau's Filipino community. The simple, Baroque style interior just goes to show how well the church has been preserved over the years. Take a tour of the church and really soak it in, then give your sincere prayers in front of this altar.

4) The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian Macao is luxury hotel, inspired and owned by the Las Vegas Sands. It is one of the biggest buildings in Macau and the seventh-largest buildings in the world! It also houses the biggest casino in the world and has so many dining and shopping places for you to choose from that you will literally need a map to get around when you're inside. One of the interiors that attracted me the most was the sky murall on the ceiling! It looks just like the real sky! There are also old paintings recreated on the ceiling that any art enthusiast would love. I loved being there!

I had the privilege of staying at the Venetian hotel for a night and it was definitely one of the most lavish hotels I've stayed in. One can't help but be swept away by awe and romance as you soak up the sights and sounds of Venice, all within a building. There are even real gondolas in the man-made river IN the mall! I would so love to go back there again and this time with my boyfriend because, what better place to go for a romantic getaway than the city of love, right?

Hope to be one of the winners of this golden opportunity! My dream once I graduate is to travel somewhere with my family or boyfriend or alone. Time is running out as I will have to look for a job soon and once I start work, it will not be easy to just take off and travel. I really hope to visit Macau once again. You're only young once, and you should explore while you can. Results are coming out tomorrow and if I pass, I will have graduated. The greatest gift I can have now is this chance by Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia to visit the beautiful city of Macau once again! 

Tonight I shall sleep with a hopeful heart, praying for good results and dreaming of this trip to Macau :)


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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Event/ Fashion: O.W.L Eyewear Concept Store Opens at Sunway Pyramid!

Have you ever wondered why we have stacks of clothes, shoes and accessories, but most of the time, only one pair of glasses? In case you didn't know, I've been wearing glasses for 11 years now and this current pair has lasted me for about 4 years. It's time for a change! I see so many fashionistas rocking glasses. Some of them don't even put the lenses in. So I came up with the conclusion that, glasses are no longer a necessity but a FASHION STATEMENT instead. I've always wanted to rock that nerdy-yet-cute glasses look too but my old pair of glasses are just too old-fashioned, which is why you hardly see me in them. But.. where to find that perfect pair of glasses?

Today marks the exact one week since the opening of O.W.L Eyewear Concept Store in Sunway Pyramid and I was fortunate enough to be invited for the opening. Since Sunway Pyramid is basically my second home, I always pass by this shop while it was still under renovation and I thought, "hmm, just another optical shop". How wrong was I! I was surprised to see that this optometry shop is nothing like the ones we usually frequent and is totally unconventional!

It started with a simple idea, and O.W.L has now made into a reality!

From the FB page:
O.W.L is a Korean-inspired eyewear brand founded in 2014 to provide prescription glasses, sunglasses and non-prescription polarized sunglasses at an all-in-one price to te style savvy. This brand may be new but it appeals to young adults and fashionistas who demand comfort, protection and optimum vision. OWL Glasses are not only a fashion statement but a symbol of authenticity and each individual OWL frame is more than just glasses, but a work of art.

Since the beginning, OWL has been synonymous with artistic expression as a reqult of a special production process that is made entirely in Italy and uses only the best craftsmanship, culture, passion and dedication. OWL deals directly with their source of raw materials and manufacturers to produce high quality acetate, metal, titanium and TR90 from Korea.

OWL is a brand that marries excellence and attention-to-details to create the perfect alchemy between aesthetics and technology. The whole OWL Concept collection is inspired by fashion with a vintage look and feel, with a modern twist. It is the perfect embodiment of up-to-date and contemporary style which is daring and unexpected at the same time. One look, and you can tell that it is unmistakably OWL. For people who love photography, this is the brand for you!

The most unique part about the store is that you are not restricted by glass casings. Instead, the racks are totally open and you have the freedom to walk around and try on the glasses as you wish until you find the perfect pair. There are over 2000 pairs to choose from, so take your time! You're bound to find something perfect for you. No sales assistant will follow you around too unless you request for them. I don't know about you, but I like the feeling of being able to explore freely and not be pressured or disturbed by others while I'm shopping.

Currently, there are only glasses in the shop but they will soon be bringing in a brand new sunglasses range too! 

Another thing I like about O.W.L Eyewear is the reasonable price-point. The prices range from RM169 to RM269 only! For RM169, which is the majority of the pricing there, you'll get all-in-one prices for your glasses frame AND lens too! The lenses used are High Index Aspheric Lens (1.61). You can also opt to top up another RM99 or RM199 to upgrade to ultra thin lenses, transition lenses (the kind that changes according to sunlight) or freeform back surface progressive lenses.

O.W.L also stands for Original We Love.

Another unique thing about O.W.L is that their glasses are designed and categorised based on different characteristics to suit various lifestyles. There is Executive for the working class, Weekender for chilling at home during the weekends, Fashionista for the ones who are into the latest trends and Rebel for the ones who like to make a statement.

Under each category, there are subcategories too. I spotted 6 - Smart, Hybrid, Zest, Sports, Mini and Premium. Each represents a different style of glasses too. From what I observed, Smart and Hybrid are for more formal wear while Mini is more suited for kids. The Premium range consists of one-of-a-kind designs which you will not find anywhere else, hence the higher price.

These are some of the best sellers from O.W.L from the Rebel Zest range! The glasses are totally trendy with their wooden frames and it just really exudes a modern youth and style.

These are from the Sports range. The glasses are more bent and curved to give athletes a better grip while doing their activities. How convenient and flexible!

As I walked around taking photos, of course I had to try on the glasses and take a few selfies too. These are from the different ranges which caught my eye. All the glasses are inspired by the latest Korean fashion and the materials are all imported from Korea. But I'm not brave enough to wear some of these out. I'm on the hunt for something more conventional yet stylish. 

Another thing to love about O.W.L is the friendly and informative staff! They are always ready to help and patient too to answer my millions of questions.

Customers can get their glasses in under an hour on the same day too! Talk about efficient service. However, if there are a lot of orders, you may need to wait a longer time. To solve this, they have these order plates for customers which will beep when their glasses are done. I thought these were only used at dessert shops, now an optical store is using this method too to avoid long waiting lines. So interesting!

Selfie with my teman of the day, Eunice! We're both wearing glasses suited for our faces, in the same maroon colour. There were so many designs to choose from that I really didn't know where to begin! Luckily, our SA, Kenji, is really kind and really knows what a customer wants. He suggested that I choose a rounder frame that is not too big for my face while Eunice should take a squarer frame to suit her face. It's Eunice's first time getting glasses, see how excited she was!

This is the first time I felt like a kid in a candy store, except I'm in an optical shop. I was naturally drawn to the Rebel and Fashionista range because they are more suited for fashion-conscious people like me. After much discussion, these were the top few that I picked in the end.

Concentrating very hard to decide which glasses do I like best....

Which do you think looks best on me? I never thought I'd look good in round glasses but these are actually not bad!

Kenji also suggested that I try these squarish glasses too. They look plain from the front but the sides are gold and silver, which is quite interesting. I love them!

After deciding on my glasses after about an hour (I'm indecisive like that), it's time to do an eye-test. 

For those of you who are curious how your eyeball looks like when it's being checked haha.

After the preliminary scan, we proceeded to the back room for a more comprehensive eye test. The optometrist is also very patient and asked lots of questions to make sure you get the right power for your eyes.

Lenses used for the eye-test.

After the eye-test, just fill in a form with your details and it's time to wait for the glasses to be done!

Once the glasses are done and you're ready to collect it, you get to choose a casing for it. Most shops only offer the hard casing but O.W.L has not one, not two but THREE kinds for you to choose from. They come in a variety of colours too! The soft casings come with the cloth to wipe your glasses too. I chose the teal-coloured soft pouch cos I think it's smaller and will fit nicely in my bag.

If you're wondering, I finally settled on this lovely pair of tortoise-shell round frame glasses from the Premium range, worth RM269 and these were the last pair in stores! It truly fits my requirement of being eye-catching yet not too over-the-top to the extent that I'll get weird stares from people on the street. My favourite part is the engraving at the sides which makes the glasses stand out even more!

How do I look? Hehe. Love my new glasses!

Thank you O.W.L, for a truly interesting shopping experience at your store. No more peering through glass tables and feeling bad when requesting sales assistants to get the glasses out for you to try. Besides being affordable, the glasses are also of comparable quality to the branded ones out there and not to mention, trendy too! I am very satisfied with the customer service. I recommend looking for Kenji if you're looking for glasses there because he really knows what the customer wants and will try to accomodate to their needs. Thanks for being patient while waiting for fickle-minded me to choose my glasses! :p All the staffs are so nice too that I think I'll get my future glasses from them from now on. My glasses were too loose and I went back twice to have it readjusted which they happily did it for me. Highly recommend O.W.L Eyewear to all my friends and family!

O.W.L Eyewear has other branches too besides this flagship store at Sunway Pyramid. You can find them at Penang at Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. They are also located at IOI Mall, Bandar Puchong Jaya and soon to be opened at KL Festival City Mall, so watch out for that! It seems like OWL is preparing to take Malaysia by storm! Find more OWL locations and address HERE.

For more information, find them on Facebook and don't forget to drop by their store at Sunway Pyramid if you have any enquiries.
Address (Sunway Pyramid): Lot LG 2.148, Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid (Opposite Daiso)


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Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products and services. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Carinn x OOTD: Clear Perspextive

Sometimes we can be clouded by our surroundings, shrouded by our own judgments. The world isn't really kind anymore, and reality sometimes hits hard. You can have a million friends in the world, but how many are truly honest with you? Why do we sometimes hide behind masks?

Turtleneck top - Cotton On // Mesh panel midi skirt - Team SeventyTwo, Sunway Pyramid // Necklace - Happy2u // Clear perspex box clutch - Happy2u (here)  // Floppy hat - Taobao // Transparent heels - Taobao 

Inside clutch: Shades - Happy2u (here) // 3CE Lip Lacquer in Backstage - (review here) // Lancome Blush Subtil Rose

MUA by Audrey
Hair by Eryn
Photographer: Shalinn

I've always admired the simplicity and elegance of a transparent piece of accessory, be it shoes, bags or jewellery. There is just something to clean and flawless about pieces like these. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone was as clear and honest as perspex?

The mirrored surrounding of the hotel room seemed like the perfect place for this look. The mesh panel skirt seemed to fit in with this look too as it reveals just enough skin to make one wonder. Add the clear crystal necklace and a classic hat to top off this enticing monochrome look. A hint of sexiness and mysteriousness never hurt anybody ;)

I am in love with the clear perspex box clutch with its gold trimmings because it simply exudes style and simplicity. I used to think that using bags like these are dangerous, and it probably still is, but it is stylish nevertheless. How great would it be if we lived in a world where using a transparent bag like this would not attract thieves right? 

This post is also waaayyy overdue. Can't believe my hair used to be that long back in July?! I'm glad that this is my last archived post, because I can't wait to create more new looks with my new hairstyle and share with you all! Let me know if you like this look ok? And also, please do hype me on Lookbook if you have an account!

If you'd like to see more, you can view my previous Carinn x OOTD post here :)


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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Shopping: iPrice Shop Singapore & Malaysia

Recently, I stumbled across a totally cool website that houses various fashion brands called iPrice Shop. It's like a dream come true to find all my favourite brands in one place and I can shop without leaving the comfort of my home! Not to mention, this also helps to save petrol fees, parking fees and I get to avoid the crowded malls. Score!

iPrice Shop provides product information on all brands and carries online coupon codes for webstores such as Zalora, Lazada, Jacob Time, Expedia, Qoo10, FoxySales and more. They strive to provide the best discounts and voucher codes so that you'll get to save while shopping, giving you the best online shopping experience in Asia. Mind you, these sites are already selling items or have cheap deals on hotel rooms at very affordable prices, yet you can still find discounts up to 70% sometimes with iPrice Shop! I guess that like me, many of you do not know that there are actually so many great deals to be discovered online and it doesn't mean that you have to skimp on trend or quality.

Here are some of my favourite brands from iPrice Shop!

I've always wanted to buy something from bread n butter cos I've heard how comfy the clothes are. Nothing fancy, but you can never go wrong with a few basic tops and dresses, from prices starting from $29!

Almost screamed when I saw that they carry MUFE too! One of the best makeup lines in the market with the widest colour range. Now I can buy more at prices as low as $13! I'm sure they retail for more in stores.

I realised that iPrice carries a lot of brands from Zalora but I'm not complaining. You can find bags, shoes, clothes, accessories and cosmetics all under one roof. How awesome is that? Here's something I collaged from my fave brands. This outfit is mainly created with my trip to the beach next month in mind. I'll be spending my Christmas in Desaru and I thought this pink & red outfit would suit the holiday perfectly!

Crochet Kimono Cardigan from Something Borrowed
1958 Bubble Coupe Tote Bag from lapalette
Two-straps Sandals from LeBunny Bleu
Hailia Bracelets from ALDO
Caviar Manicure Rainbow nail polishes from Ciate
Colour Lip Last No. 12 Royal Raspberry (Matte Fuschia) from Sephora

And guys, fret not because as always, there's something for you too! Here are some of my picks which I think most guys would like for casual wear.
For both guys and girls. IMO, everyone should own a pair of Converse sneakers cos they're just so versatile and comfortable!

Whut? I've been thinking of getting a Kanken bag for the longest time and I can't believe iPrice Shop has it! I'm eyeing the black one which is priced at $129. Thinking of getting one for my bf too..

And here's a look created for the guys for casual wear or just lounging by the beach. Blue is the main colour palette to maintain that sun, sky & sea vibe but the red shoes are that pop of colour for a festive Christmas feel!

Blue Printed Pocket T-Shirt from Burton Menswear London
Chambray Bermuda Shorts from H.E by Mango
Old Skool Sneakers from VANS
Breadbox Polarized Sunglasses from Oakley
Navy Kanken Classic Backpack from Fjallraven Kanken

iPrice is going through a major facelift and I find that the store is very convenient to browse as they are organised into different categories. All you have to do is set up an account, enter your billing address and banking details and you're ready to start shopping! There are two ways of using iPrice Coupons. You can use the coupons on existing items that you are already looking for, or simply feel like getting something after seeing the great deals that are being offered (like me :p)

Once you're done picking what you want to buy, don't forget to drop by the iPrice Singapore coupon page to find the best coupon code for you to use! Remember to click on blue "Get the Code" button to get your discount or coupon codes or the orange "Got to Offer" button to see what promotions or deals the retailer has to offer. Then, just follow the instructions and use your iPrice Coupons with ease! iPrice Coupons is always up to date and marks active or expired coupons accordingly. You can also browse the most popular coupons from the right side of the page. The coupons are mostly free and do not require any membership so you can be sure that you are only getting the best deals!

If you think that these deals are only for Singapore, you're wrong. iPrice has a coupon page for Malaysia too! Find it HERE. I have showed you what iPrice Singapore has to offer but basically, the iPrice Malaysia site offers the same thing too, with just as many great discounts! Not only that, iPrice is also available in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and the Philippines. Shopaholics in Asia, rejoice! Don't forget to subscribe to them and be notified on the latest sales yea!

You can also read more articles about iPrice Shop on AdAsia and Yahoo Singapore.



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